Welcome to Social Intelligence Institute РResearch and Internet Training 

The Social Intelligence course is internet and workshop training for people at least 13 years old. The goal of the course is to help people understand the root causes of why we do what we do. These insights open the door to fundamental cognitive changes. This knowledge helps us more successfully navigate and connect with the world around us, and helps us make more more thoughtful decisions about the direction of our lives.

By the end of this course, participants will learn:

  • How to recognize obstacles that keep us from connecting with others
  • How to deal with the fact that our brains lead us to be automatically biased against people who are different from us.

  • Why it is so difficult to change
  • What a healthy relationship looks and feels like
  • How to raise emotionally and socially healthy children, starting at birth
  • How the developing teen brain affects thoughts and behavior
  • Why we treat some people as humans, and other people as objects
  • How most behavior is unintentional because 95% of what humans think, say, and do is unconscious
  • How seeing the world with greater clarity, and responding to it in a more intelligent way, is a choice we make every day.

The Social Intelligence curriculum is based entirely on research performed in the fields of neuroscience and social, cognitive, and developmental psychology. Academic journal articles for each concept are cited in the course.

Well-controlled empirical studies with adolescents, young adults, and people in mid-life reveal significant positive benefits from the program. These studies were funded by Arizona State University, National Institutes of Health, and the Social Intelligence Institute.