We offer Social Intelligence training to individuals, organizations, and communities.



Internet: Individuals can register for the online Social intelligence course at a price of $19.99. Click here to purchase and access the course.

Workshops: We will soon announce dates and locations of one- and two-day workshops.  To receive email notifications of these workshops, or to suggest a location near you, please complete the form at the right.


Groups and Organizations

Internet: The SI course is available to all organizations at a price of $19.99/learner. When an organization registers with SI, they have the ability to track the progress and completion of all learners in their organization. This is a great tool for group administrators such as HR training managers or school teachers. For more information about registering your organizations, click here.

On-Site Workshops: We offer one and two-day on-site workshops. For a quote, submit the form at the right.



Cities and Communities

The Social Intelligence Institute works with communities to implement programs that meet specific needs. For instance, police training, alongside training for community leaders, reduces racial tension.  Training for prison inmates who are preparing to re-enter the community, alongside training of their families and their parole officers, reduces recidivism. Training for 9th graders, a “make-it-or-break-it” year, reduces dropout rates, leading to positive academic, professional, social, and health outcomes. For information on community initiatives, please submit the form to the right.