Five years of Social Intelligence Institute research and over forty years of clinical research back the Social Intelligence Institute’s training.

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Grandparents Raising Teenage Grandchildren

2017 Kent State University, Arizona State University, Penn State: A National Institutes of Health funded five-year randomized trial of 340 grandmothers who are raising at least one teenage grandchild. The…

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University Students

2013 A one-semester study consisting of 311 university students. Our results found the course significantly improved perspective-taking, social skills, sensitivity to others’ emotions, and ability to modify one’s…

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Midlife Adults with Childhood Trauma

2016 Arizona State University. A two-year randomized trial of 220 middle-aged adults, half of which had a history of childhood trauma, to determine whether individual risk differences attributable to childhood…

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Middle School Students

2014 A one-semester pilot study of sixty 7th and 8th graders at Metropolitan Arts Institute revealed that both males and females as young as 12 years old find the SI…

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