Grandparents Raising Teenage Grandchildren

2017 Kent State University, Arizona State University, Penn State: A National Institutes of Health funded five-year randomized trial of 340 grandmothers who are raising at least one teenage grandchild. The study examines whether the online SI course improves the health and well-being of the grandmothers and/or their adolescent grandchildren.

Study Objectives:

1) To investigate if the SI course enhances social competencies that, in turn, produce long-term changes in relationship quality, well-being, and physical health; this includes determining if increased social competence in one dyad member leads to partner effects in the other.Social Intelligence and National Institutes of Health

2)  To examine if cumulative risk, gender, and age moderate SI course efficacy.

3) To study qualitatively how dyads view the SI course as having changed their social competencies and yielded positive outcomes.

4) To assess the financial benefits of the SI course to participants and their communities.


National Institutes of Health and Social Intelligence Research

Funded by the National Institutes of Health, Grant #R01AG054571

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