HarDevices_sii_img_600dware requirements for all computers (PC or Mac) and tablets: 1 GB of RAM memory, 1 GB of free disk space, Sound card and speakers or headphones.

Recommended Operating Systems: Win 7, Mac OSX 10.7+, Linux 2.4+, various tablet OSs

Browser minimum requirements: Mozilla Firefox 25.0 (recommended for optimal compatibility); Google Chrome 30.0;  Apple Safari  6; Microsoft Internet Explorer  9.

Browser settings: The browser should have the following enabled: cookies (accept all cookies), Pop-ups (do not block Pop-ups) and Javascript.

Plugins and viewers: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Windows Media Player or Real Player

Internet speed: Use a broadband Internet connection for online access (256 Kbit/sec or faster to ensure that you can view videos and online presentations)