Social Intelligence Internet Training is a self-administered, multi-media internet course consisting of ten hours of content. We recommend the 42 short sessions be taken over a 12 week span.  As a self-administered program, participants can set a pace that best reflects their learning preferences. Alternatively, the program can be implemented into an existing learning curriculum with group discussion, or the material can be presented in a workshop format.

The sessions consist of 10-20 minute instructional videos, whiteboard animation videos encouraging trying new ways of interacting with the world, self-reflection questions, and other interactive activities. Learners earn incentive badges as they journey through the course. At the completion of the course, learners can print a certificate of achievement.

Course Content

The course is divided into seven modules that primarily address two major themes: 1) Identifying and understanding dominant unconscious thoughts, attitudes, and behavior and 2) removing obstacles that keep us from connecting and relating with others.

Unconscious brain processing

Brain processsing and Social IntelligenceModule: Our conscious and unconscious brain  Ninety-five percent of what we think, say, and do is controlled by unconscious brain processing. Awareness of this fact allows us to understand why humans do what they do, and it gives us the opportunity to interrupt and change course as it is happening. (79 minutes)

Module: THEM!  Our brains unconsciously put people into categories. Prejudice, even prejudices we aren’t aware of, comes naturally because of the way the human brain works. Awareness of this helps us understand peoples’ reactions and allows us to override our own prejudices. (156 minutes)

Connecting with other people

Module:Mind reading and Social Intelligence Face-to-face conversations  Learning to talk to another person is a skill. Unfortunately, too many of us never learned how to do this. Obstacles often disrupt synchronicity, the biological process that allows us to “click” with another person as we are talking with them. Identifying obstacles that get in our way, along with practice, can make even “dreaded” face-to-face encounters interesting and enjoyable. (76 minutes)

Module: The past  Forty percent of us have troubled past experiences that prevent us from having healthy and secure relationships. With careful reflection, this can be reversed. (62 minutes)

Module: Mind Reading  Our unconscious brain has the ability to automatically inform us how others are feeling and thinking. Again, we often put up obstacles to prevent this process. We can learn to remove these obstacles, become more sensitive to people and situations, and adjust our reactions when appropriate. (68 minutes)

We have control, but it takes effort

Social Intelligence is a choiceModule: Neuroplasticity  Human brains change every second, from birth to death, based on what we hear, think, say, and feel. Because we are in control of these factors, we can change the configuration of our brain. (82 minutes)

Module: Choice  Social Intelligence is science that we can apply to our lives, but it is useless unless we put it into practice. This is a choice we make, with full realization that it takes effort. (12 minutes)